How to Jump Start Your Vehicle

September 10th, 2018 by

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Need a quick lesson on how to jump start your vehicle? If you find yourself needing to recharge a dead battery in the Hamilton area, consult this guide courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Burlington!

Steps to Jump Start Your Vehicle

To safely jump start your vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Ask for help. In order to jump start your car, you will need another vehicle to help you out.
  • Take out the jumper cables included in your emergency roadside kit.
  • Place your vehicle and the vehicle assisting you in park or neutral and turn off the ignition on both cars.
  • Attach one red clip to the positive terminal of your battery. This part should display “POS” or “+” on it.
  • Attach the second red clip to the positive terminal of the other vehicle’s battery.
  • Attach one black clip to the negative terminal of the other vehicle’s battery.
  • Finally, attach the second black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your car away from your battery.
  • At this point, have the other driver start their vehicle and let the engine run.
  • Then, try to start your own vehicle.

Tips on Recharging a Dead Battery

Consider this information as you figure out how to jump start your vehicle:

  • If your vehicle starts, don’t turn off the engine. Leave it running and drive around for a few minutes to recharge the battery.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t start the next time you drive it, then your battery likely isn’t holding a charge and needs to be replaced.
  • If your vehicle won’t start from the jump, turn both engines off and make sure the cables are connected properly. If it doesn’t start when you try again, you may need a tow to the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Schedule Service with Mercedes-Benz Burlington

If your battery continues to lose its charge, or if your check engine light has turned on, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment with the Mercedes-Benz Burlington Service Center. We are happy to help all Ancaster with their service needs!