Where Do I Charge My EV in Burlington, ON?

Burlington, Ontario


There are so many reasons to buy an EV, and it’s not hard to see why this new type of vehicle seems poised to change the entire automotive industry. However, all major changes take time, and the mass adoption of EVs is no different. For many would-be EV owners, a perceived lack of charging infrastructure is a real issue—but more and more charging locations are popping up all the time! More to the point, where can you charge your EV in Burlington, ON? We’ve done the legwork on your behalf, so all you have to do is consult the lists below.


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Level 3 EV Charging Stations in Burlington

A Level 3 DC Fast Charging station can recharge a 2023 EQS in just over 30 minutes. That makes these stations ideal for busy drivers who need to get back on the road in short order.

According to ChargeHub, there are at least four high-speed Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations in the city of Burlington:

  • 5385 Lakeshore Road East, Burlington, ON (CHAdeMO)
  • 2070 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON (FLO)
  • 777 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON (FLO)
  • 2024 Plains Road East, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)

Another Level 3 DC EV charging location in Burlington is expected to be built before the end of 2023. This station will be found at 391 Brant Street.

Level 2 EV Charging Stations in Burlington

Level 2 Charging stations charge at a slower rate: it takes roughly 11.5 hours to take an EQS from 0% to 100% using one of these systems. However, since Level 2 Charging stations greatly outnumber their more powerful counterparts, it’s often pretty easy to find an open Level 2 EV Charging location in Burlington, ON. Here’s where you should look first:

  • 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON (SWTCH)
  • 101 Masonry Ct, Burlington, ON (SWTCH)
  • 1255 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 900 Maple Avenue, Burlington, ON (FLO)
  • 472 Brock Avenue, Burlington, ON (SWTCH)
  • 446 Burlington Avenue, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 421 John Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 414 Locust Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 431 Elizabeth Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 533 John Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 519 Drury Lane, Burlington, ON, (ChargePoint)
  • 3077 New Street, Burlington, ON (FLO)
  • 3132 South Drive, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 3290 New Street, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 3170 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 805 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 3455 North Service Road, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 1100 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON (FLO)
  • 5111 New Street, Burlington, ON (Multiple)
  • 5035 South Service Road, Burlington, ON (myEVroute)
  • 1105 Clay Avenue, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 5045 Mainway, Burlington, ON (Flo)
  • 1122 International Boulevard, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 5575 North Service Road, Burlington, ON (ChargePoint)
  • 1110 Burloak Drive, Burlington, ON (Multiple)

So, where can you charge your EV in Burlington? There are two areas where EV charging stations can be found in high concentrations: just south of Bronte Creek Provincial Park, and just north of Spencer Smith Park. If you head to one of these locations, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find an accessible EV charging station in short order.

Purchase a Mercedes-EQ Charging Station of Your Own

Public charging can be quick, easy, and convenient, but it’s certainly not your only option. For many drivers in Burlington, Oakville, and Milton, charging up at home is even easier. If you’d like to acquire and install a Mercedes-EQ charging station at your home, all you have to do is let us know. We can explain the process and help you take the next steps with confidence.

Embrace the EV Revolution with Mercedes-Benz Burlington

Still on the hunt for the perfect EV charging station location in Burlington? It may be worth it to check out the free map available on ChargeHub.com! Of course, you’re also more than welcome to contact our team for advice and recommendations. We’d be happy to help, and we’re easy to reach from anywhere near Mississauga.


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