Mercedes-Benz Driving Modes

Mercedes-Benz Driving Modes

Mercedes-Benz vehicles integrate a technology called DYNAMIC SELECT. This feature allows you to customize gear shifts, throttle input, suspension stance, and steering sharpness to fine-tune the way your Mercedes-Benz handles on Oakville streets. It does this by allowing you to choose between driving modes. Take a moment to learn about all the driving mode features with DYNAMIC SELECT. We’ll answer questions, like “What does Sport Mode mean?” and “What does Race Mode mean?”. Then, once you’re done reading, fill out a -pre-approval and explore the Mercedes-Benz offers at Mercedes-Benz Burlington.



Your Menu of DYNAMIC SELECT Driving Modes

  • Comfort: This is the feature’s version of “Normal Mode.” If you’re looking for smooth handling and a middle-ground between sportiness and efficiency, “Comfort Mode” is a great compromise.
  • ECO: Sacrifice a little torque to increase your efficiency in the stop-and-go traffic of Milton with “ECO Mode.”
  • Sport: So, what does “Sport Mode” mean? This mode sharpens your steering, and allows revs to run higher before gear shifts. This means you’re enjoying the benefit of high-rev torque in naturally aspirated petrol models. Your suspension will flatten which improves cornering at high speeds.
  • Individual: This mode allows you to customize your handling. You can tweak throttle input, adjust suspension, and so much more. You can even save your settings for future joyrides.
  • Sport+: We dare you to shift to “Sport+” next time you’re alone on that back country road for a Sunday joyride. That is all.
  • Slippery: This mode optimizes traction and suspension tightness to handle better on wet or icy roads.
  • Off-road: Increase ground-clearance and distribute power to wheels with the most traction to optimize your vehicle’s handling on rocks or in mud.
  • Off-road+: This mode puts your model in its lower gears and locks your differential to provide 50/50 torque distribution across each of your axles. Mind you, this mode is only available with the Off-roading Package.
  • Race: This mode is available on certain AMG® models, and provides the sharpest throttle response, swiftest gear changes, and most responsive handling of any of the settings.

Experience Mercedes-Benz Driving Modes Near Mississauga

Now that we’ve answered the questions, “What does Sport Mode mean?” and “What does Race Mode mean?”, and broken down all of the other driving modes, if you’d like to experience the drive modes of DYNAMIC SELECT in action, call Mercedes-Benz Burlington at 877-557-3007. While you’re here, take a moment to explore our site for other helpful reads, including our overview of Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® and the differences between FWD and 4MATIC AWD.


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