My Check Engine Light Went On

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What does the check engine symbol look like and what does it mean? The symbol can be found on the dashboard of your vehicle. Some vehicles will have the symbol of an engine, while others will have “check engine” spelled out. Either way, it means that there’s an issue with your vehicle that needs to be addressed right away. Learn more about why your engine warning light may be on, and what you can do about it with Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s service team.

What the Check Engine Light Means

The check engine light is part of your vehicle’s diagnostics system that activates when an issue is detected. Common reasons to see the check engine warning light include:

  • Loose Gas Cap- An easy fix, you simply need to tighten the gas cap. If you tighten your gas cap and the engine warning light remains on, you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for service.
  • Spark Plugs- If you go too long between replacing your spark plugs, it can lead to your engine warning light being triggered. If you need your spark plugs replaced, you can find replacements at the Mercedes-Benz Burlington parts centre.
  • Mass Airflow Sensor- Failing to replace your vehicle’s air filter is another reason your engine warning light may be on. During your regular Mercedes-Benz maintenance, our team can check your filter to ensure it doesn’t need replacing.
  • Oxygen Sensor- Faulty oxygen sensors are another reason your engine warning light will turn on. You’ll want to replace your oxygen sensor immediately as it can damage your catalytic converter.
  • Catalytic Converter- The catalytic converter can overheat as a result of a faulty oxygen sensor. This will require the care of the Mercedes-Benz Burlington service centre.

What to Do When the Check Engine Light Appears

If the check engine light appears, it’s crucial to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic. However, the way in which the check engine light appears may indicate an emergency.

  • A blinking light may point to an engine misfire that can cause significant damage. In this case, you need to have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible.
  • A steady light usually means the problem isn’t an immediate emergency, but you still should schedule a service appointment as soon as you can.

Of course, the meaning of the check engine light and the way it appears varies by model. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Quick Tips for a Check Engine Light

Consider these tips that might quickly solve an issue associated with the check engine light:

  • Tighten your gas cap, as it may solve the problem.
  • Use remote diagnostic services, if you have access to them on newer models.
  • Reduce your speed and load if the check engine light is blinking.
  • Check for a serious, obvious problem yourself.

Have Your Engine Warning Light Checked at Mercedes-Benz Burlington%

Connect with Mercedes-Benz Burlington to schedule an appointment if your check engine light comes on, or if you’re in need of other Mercedes-Benz services. We’re here to help care for your vehicle and even prepare your emergency roadside kit so you’re never stranded in Hamilton or Milton.

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