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All Roof Boxes and Roof Cross Bar systems on sale!

Expires: April 30th 2017
Save big on regular and already reduced prices!*

Mercedes-Benz roof boxes

Elegant, aerodynamic design, made for your Mercedes-Benz. High-quality, extremely durable material. Boxes open on both sides for convenient loading and unloading.

450L Roof Box

Save $100

330L Roof Box

Save $50

New Alustyle basic carrier bars

Combine the Alustyle basic carrier bars with a variety of different rood-mounted carriers. The basic carrier bars are precisely tailored to the vehicle body, ensuring the highest degree of safety and optimum aerodynamics.

Roof carrier bars

Save 20%

*In stock units only
**All other roof bar applications are also on sale, please be sure to contact our Parts department for more information.

April Showers. Are your wipers ready?

Expires: April 30th 2017
Save 20% on Genuine Mercedes-Benz wiper blades

Benefits of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Windshield Wiper Blades

In fact, there are many benefits to using true Mercedes-Benz wiper blades. It’s one more way your driving experience is enhanced.

  • Designed to provide as many as 800,000 additional wiping cycles than a typical wiper blade.
  • Precise curvature designed specifically for the model it’s equipped to.
  • Maintenance indicator on the tip of the wiper blade that turns yellow when the wiper blades need to be replaced.

That maintenance indicator we just mentioned is your key to determining when you should change your Mercedes-Benz wiper blades, and it comes on many new models. When it turns yellow, you’ll know it’s time to replace them. But you’ll want to make sure you’re using true Mercedes-Benz wipers, which will contain the wear indicator and snap easily into place when you change them over, so always order genuine parts from us before you handle the replacement.

*Taxes extra

Protect your floors

Expires: April 30th 2017
Save 20% on Genuine Mercedes-Benz floor trays!

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Floor Trays

Robust, washable synthetic material, designed for heavy use. Covers the entire footwell. The raised edges and structured surface help keep the floor clean and dry. With distinctive Mercedes-Benz lettering.

*Taxes extra

Protect your trunk

Expires: April 30th 2017
Save 20% on Genuine Mercedes-Benz trunk trays!

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Trunk Trays

Made from impact-resistant, non-slip polypropylene. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. Structured surface holds separately available stowage crate in place. Vehicle’s load-securing rings remain accessible.

*Taxes extra

Mercedes-Benz Style & Travel Modular System

Expires: April 30th 2017
Now in stock! Mercedes-Benz Style & Travel Modular System

Mercedes-Benz Style & Travel Modular System

The Style & Travel Modular System is a flexible and convenient storage solution. The Base Support quickly
mounts to head restraint posts and is easily combined with a Coat Hanger, Universal Hook or Folding Table.
Available for most models, with the exception of vehicles equipped with the Rear Seat Entertainment System
and AMG models with NECK-PRO headrests. Not suitable for vehicles with integral or bucket seats.

*Taxes extra