Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment

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Oakville drivers looking to increase their fuel economy, elongate the lifespan of their tires, and protect themselves from future blowouts will want to get a wheel alignment and balancing from time to time. These two services are a crucial part of your annual maintenance checklist. Let’s take a closer look at each. Then explore our service specials to make sure that we aren’t running a service offer to help you save.

What is Wheel Balancing Service?

Milton drivers wondering about the differences between wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment, read on for a thorough breakdown between the two. Let’s start with wheel balancing. Over time, your wheels will fall out of balance, which can cause your steering wheel to shake or vibrate. Unbalanced wheels will cause your tires to wear unevenly, which decreases tire lifespan, fuel economy, acceleration, and increases your chances for a blowout. You should have your wheels balanced every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres or every 6 months.

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

You can determine the differences between wheel alignment and balancing by taking a look at our wheel alignment service. This service is less routine and should be done as needed. Having your wheels aligned is just another term getting a warped front suspension realigned. This job is called a front-end alignment and will ensure that your wheels are perfectly parallel to one another and at an even height. If you’ve recently hit a pothole or a curb, and you feel like your car keeps drifting out of its lane, it’s possible that you bent your front suspension. Just as with unbalanced wheels, this issue can cause uneven tread wear and all the same problems that unbalanced wheels can.

Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment: Which Do You Need?

If your steering wheel is vibrating, get your wheels balanced. If your car is drifting to one side when your steering wheel is straight, get a front-end alignment.

Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment Cost

How much does a wheel balancing cost? Starting from $229.95 plus taxes.
How much does a wheel alignment service cost? Starting from $179.95 plus taxes.

Book an Appointment for Wheel Alignment and Balancing

If after reading our wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment guide, Mississauga suspect that they’re due for either, they can call our mechanics at 877-353-5557. If you have any other questions about car care or Mercedes-Benz parts, be sure to check out our service tips and parts tips for more informative reads about the benefits of winter tires and more!


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