Find Out What These Strange Car Noises Mean

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil Levels

What do the strange car noises coming from your vehicle mean? If you’re a Hamilton driver struggling to identify what’s going on with your vehicle, consider these common strange car noises and what they may mean:

  • High-pitched sounds: If you hear this when you shut off your engine, it may be time to readjust or replace the belt, or check the radiator pressure cap. A whistling noise from under the hood may indicate vacuum leaks.
  • Ticking: If you hear regular ticking when your engine idles, turn the car off and allow it to cool down. Check the oil level or consider a valve adjustment if there is enough oil. A similar sound may be coming from your tires, which may point to tire wear and wheels being off balance.
  • Squealing: If there is squealing when you step on the brake, the brake pads may be worn and need replacing, which should be done rather quickly.
  • Whining/humming: When you’re going through curves and hear this sound, your wheel bearings may be worn.
  • Clunking: Clunking coming from under the vehicle may be a sign of issues with the shock absorbers and suspension system.

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